23rd-28th September 2019

Chagford, Dartmoor, Devon

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Brief Encounter

  • Date: Tuesday 25th September
  • Time: 2.30pm
  • Tickets: £4
  • Type: Film screening

A review of this classic feature when it was released in 1945 said, “I doubt very much if it will be generally popular!” An interesting view back then as this classic feature continually emergences as one of the most popular British romantics films of all time, some 72 years later.

About "Brief Encounter"

After a chance meeting on a train platform, a married doctor (Trevor Howard) and a suburban housewife (Celia Johnson) begin a muted but passionate, and ultimately doomed, love affair.

With its evocatively fog-enshrouded setting, swooning Rachmaninoff score, and pair of remarkable performances (Johnson was nominated for an Oscar), this film, directed by David Lean and based on Noël Coward’s play Still Life deftly explores the thrill, pain, and tenderness of an illicit romance, and has influenced many a cinematic brief encounter since its release.

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