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Mozart in Turkey

A scene from the opera film 'Mozart in Turkey'
  • Date: Tuesday 24th September
  • Time: 7.30pm
  • Venue: The Globe Cinema
  • Price: £12
  • Type: Film screening, Q and A

In collaboration with the highly respected Two Moors Festival we are showing Mozart in Turkey and are being joined by the director of the film Mick Csaky for a question and answer.

A film of and about Mozart’s opera, The Abduction from the Harem. One-third documentary and two-thirds filmed theatre, this fascinating experiment by filmmaker Mick Csaky and opera director Elijah Moshinsky revolves around a staging of Mozart’s first popular success.

This is part of our music day on Tuesday 24th September. We are also showing Miles Ahead, Amazing Grace and Wild Rose.

Film details

  • Director: Mick Csaky, Elijah Moshinsky
  • Cast: Yelda Kodalli, Paul Groves, Désirée Rancatore
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Year: 2000
  • Certificate: Not rated

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Also on Tuesday 24th September